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Los Art launched through Losco’s practice of providing services related to the Artworks and providing them with the logistics required by the local and international art and cultural events, as well as equip the exhibitions, theaters, museum services and all related to transport, packaging and storage of all Artworks and antiques. Los Art becomes the most trusted trademark among local and international museums.


Los Art Services


 Providing logistic support to the events and museums through shipping artworks locally and internationally by the most modern and safest means of transport, besides ensuring its passage through international air and land ports.


 Los Art has created modern packaging tools specifically designed to suit and maintain artworks in all shapes and dimensions in accordance with international standards.


 Los Art provides safe and secure storage spaces  to retain artwork until they are  delivered, shipping  or  participating in other events .

Coordinating and organizing art exhibitions

In compliance with international standards of art exhibitions, we provide all services related to establishing, reconstructing and restoration of art galleries.

Artworks Handling

Handling Artworks means more than wearing gloves while touching or moving the artworks.At Losart, we have trained and experienced handlers to secure handling the artworks professionally

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 Los Art Message

“Ensure quality of services and products with global standards and strengthen support capacities
Logistics responsiveness, outreach and best practices”

Saudi Arabia

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